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31 March 2010

The Oldest Story in the World

"You lost the key to paradise. That's oldest story in the world."

I'm not lost, but you could say that I am in pursuit of a key to my inner paradise. Today I entered what may best be called Shamanic Boot Camp. I was not expecting to be conscripted quite this soon. Appropriately, I began watching Merlin this evening, but alas I am not being trained as a sorceress. If I were, dearest readers, you would have a blog to read. I will continue Vermilion, and I promise it will get more interesting. As chapters go, it's a slow starter, but it grows on you.

If you are hoping for tales from the shamanic crypt, I must disappoint you again, for I have already learned the password and the secret handshake. Were I to share anything with you now, I would have to blind you on the spot. And nobody wants to surf the web in brail.

Now I'm off to set into motion events that I hope will draw money to my door, and also to sleep. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that boot camp is a bit tiring.

Love and kisses,

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