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28 April 2010

Turn Right Over to the TV Page

The TV page is where you, my dear sweet readers, will be getting your entertainment tonight. Me? I am off to bed, and in the interest of sparing the social media world of just one little dose of TMI, I will skip the details.

Let’s just say that some of you can imagine I had way too much fun, which I did, at least in theory, and some of you can imagine that I am rather ill at the moment, which I most definitely am. And then there are those who know that I do Secret Santa Shaman Stuff. Give a kewpie doll to everyone in group three! Why? Well, I may or may not have done any and all of the detail-free things I mentioned, but the Secret Santa Shaman Stuff is what really has me wishing for a case of the flu. Yes, you heard me right, and no not the ACTUAL flu, just something like it. Something I can say I have and everyone will say, Oh... I’m sorry. That must be awful. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

See? Everyone feels for you when you have the flu.

That’s what I have, a thirty-six-hour Secret Shamanic Case of the Shits and no sleep and a need to be babied. Just a little bit.

Luckily for me the Universe has my back. My cat, Zoe, has put me on the well-kitten fitness program, which demands lots of cute kitten lounging, posing, and purring directly at the center of my lap so I must sit still, watch TV, and recuperate. Night all. Sweet dreams.

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