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02 April 2010

Shaman's Harvest: Dragonfly

"Maybe the world's gonna spin out of control. I don't care anymore." No blog tonight, just a hello, a goodnight, and a lovely song.

Shamanic work manages to be both liberating and tiring, creating both the experience of insight and of forgetfulness, allowing me to become both less of who I have been and more of who I am.

Today I rested. After I post this goodnight and before I sleep, I will infuse a crystal with my desire and direction: what I wish to be, to give, to receive. Such moments are worth making a note of.

Tomorrow Vermilion continues with "Machisma," my own word, meaning the covering of problems with a shrug and a smile or with light-hearted banter or laughter, saying, "Fine, fine, things are great." So many women I know do this. So many gay men.

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