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17 February 2009

To Boldly Go: The Universe of the Narcissist


  1. Thanks for the nice comment at my place.

    I'm putting finishing touches on a novel called The Narcissist. Could easily be call The Sins of the Eldest Daughter or The Sins of the Fathers, or How to Ruin Your Only Child's Life. I'm sensing we have some things in common. So why are you just tweeting music so far?

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  3. This is pretty funny. I come back here after a year's absence to find two comments about my blog, The Universe of the Narcissist, which is BLANK. I've no idea why it's not posted, but it's not. There is nothing to read here. Nothing. And yet two readers (of this blank blog) have posted comments. About their own work. I could not have made up a better story. Narcissist, thy name is.............[fill in your name here].

  4. PS to Utah Savage @UTSavage on 1.5.11

    Peggy, I'm pleased now to say that I know you and your writing. Someday another reader will scroll down here to The [empty] Universe of the Narcissist (could happen!), and it is for that **intrepid reader** that I add an excerpt from your novel, The Narcissist:

    " I know she's just an old woman, opinionated and imperious, alone and hardly much of a threat to me, really. Without me she has no single, aging daughter. Without me she’ll have no one to take care of her when she can't take care of herself. Because of her I have no child to love me or hate me. Without her I'm home free.
    Much expensive psychotherapy has taught me I can give Maggy the power to hurt me, or not. But all the rationality in the world can't make me not fear her, though I still wish it were so simple, since it's hard to love someone you fear. And I do want to love her. The best I can manage is to love her most satisfactorily at a distance. The greater the distance, the more I love her.
    Once or twice a year I wish her dead. Not painfully dead, but dead, nonetheless....
    ....Maggy has never been just my mother. We've been rivals since my conception. I worship and fear her as only a powerless rival can. To most people she's a fabulous creature. She was to me too before I got to know her."

    Find Utah Savage at http://utahsavage-novel.blogspot.com/
    Go there. Read her. Now.